Friday, July 18, 2008

Chandler (Janiece's Son) was up for State Baseball! They won all their games but one. They did Awesome. Candler's dad Steve is their coach and did a great job. He has those boys stealing bases right and left. The games were action packed and lots of fun.

Here is Chandler getting his medal at the end of the tournament from his dad. He was excited. Win or Loose you can count on Chandler to have a good attitude with a smile on his face. I love that about him. The Dodgers took 3rd place in State. Last year they took 5th.......I think????

My Dad and 3 brother sponsored the Dodgers this year. They got nice over shirts that had their names on the front with their number and......

"Camberlango Development Group" on the back! The boys loved them.

My sister Janiece and her family. We love you guys and had so much fun at the games. We are way excited to spend the next 10 days in Monticello with you all.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Birthday Fun!!

We went to Jordan's Birthday Party. The kids had a blast. They got to play on the water slide, a slip-n-slide and threw water grenades.

Uncle Trace (Brother-in-law) stirred up a little commotion as he got the kids chanting "CAKE, CAKE, CAKE. They hadn't even ate dinner yet! The kids thought that was really funny!

Taylor and little Jo played babies. They set up a little area right in the walk way of the kitchen and thought that was the perfect place for their babies to sleep!! They are both just cute little Mommy's!!

Jordan had a new Wii game he wanted to show Karson! They played the Wii for a while and had a blast.

Nana Benson got the kids ready for the pinata. They all tried so had to smack it and be the one to break it! The Birthday Boy broke it! YEAH!!!