Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Just some thoughts...

Taylor looked so cute in her knee high socks I had to post pictures. Taylor is getting so big and has such a demanding yet sweet personality. I just love her so much! She loves to learn! She loves me (or anyone) to read to her. She's started to learn to read at school. She's doing awesome and it seems to come so easy for her! I love how eggar she is to learn! I'm excited to see how she progresses! Karson amazes me also...He is so good at writing stories and drawing pictures to go with them. He loves journal time at school. I love going into his classroom and looking in his desk at all his school books. His journal is all about him and his dad! He loves Jason so much. All the one on one time they spend together is so important to him. Even if it's just a few minutes it impacts him enough to write it in his journal the next day at school. I'm wondering what I need to do to get a page in his journal. LOL

Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Jason....

We went to David and Jo's for dinner and cheese cake to celebrate Jason birthday. We gave Jason a trolling motor for his boat. I think he was way excited. Jason has been wanting a trolling motor for a while so him and Karson can go fishing more on the boat.

The next day we went to Mike and Cathy's for dinner and German chocolate cake. Jason's a little spoiled with all special cakes and treats! Kristi made him some gram cracker cookie and our friend Tausha made him a plate of these chocolaty moose brownies. It was all so yummy! Happy 35th birthday to my handsome old man who's getting better with age! I love you!!!!

Swim Day

I took the kids up to go swimming at Nana and Papa Benson's the other day. They have been dying to swim. The hot tub has a power jet that the kids love. They sit in front of it then someone turns it on and it totally pushes them up and away! They laugh and laugh!