Friday, July 31, 2009


This was my and Amys first 5k run. Kristi ran it with us but it wasn't her first. We all started together about half way Amy and I had to walk for a minute and Kristi smoked us! She didn't even run before hand...Sheesh!


2009 Benson Grandkids

Pictures for the Bensons and the Fords!

This is from Gma Hamiltons funeral

Gilrs Day Out

Taylor and little Jo had a special outing with Nana Benson. They did makeup and nails! They were so proud to show them selves when the got back home!

Black Eye

This is Taylor's first black eye. Her and Karson collided on their bikes. Poor baby~

Bridal Veil Falls

Zeta Friends

Tausha was back in town for about a month. We were able to have a few girls nights out!!!

Princess Festival

What a little princess this little girl is turning into! She and I had more fun than words can say. I loved doing this with her. It was a special time for her and I. I know she loved it!