Thursday, December 4, 2008


We went to see Santa at the Provo mall with some of Jason's family.

Look at Taylor all proper with her purse!!! She's so cute.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Date Night....

Jason and I had a little movie night all planned out with each other. Then the call came in...It was Mike asking if Jason wants his Jazz tickets. So Jason and Karson ended up going to the jazz game. Taylor and I couldn't just stay home so we decided to go to Winger's for dinner. While we were at the mall Taylor decided she wanted to see Santa and ride the train. Taylor and I were coloring at the restaurant while we were waiting for the meal to come and my crayon broke. Taylor almost fell off her chair. I'm not sure why but she thought that was so funny!!! I enjoyed every second of my date with Taylor. Jason sent me a picture of Karson from his cell phone at the game eating his most favorite thing...popcorn. He had a good time with his daddy.
We totally took this picture using the timer on my camera! We posed it and all...Like you couldn't tell!!! hahaha! We had to photo document our outing!!!

How cute is he??? Does popcorn make you this happy? Well it does Karson!!