Saturday, September 27, 2008

Provo vs. Nebo

Karson was off Friday from school so Jason met the kids and I for lunch at Cathy's school.
The kids were excited to see Grandma Cathy. It had been a long time in between visits!
Let's compare the food from Karson's school to Cathy's.................Provo

~~~~~~~~~~Verses Nebo~~~~~~~~~
You be the judge!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Friends Party

Taylor had her friends party today with all her friends from Pretty much just our block! We have so many girls close by it's so fun for Taylor.
We had 16 girls counting Taylor. The other 2 girls came after the big pictures was taken.

I started this cake at 10:30 and did not finish it until 1pm. I did not have a plan or outline when I started decorating it. It just kind of became this cake! But I was happy with the way it turned out.
Happy Birthday Taylor! I can not believe my BABY is 5 years old. It seems like yesterday Dad, Nanny and I were waiting in the hospital for you to be born! You were the first 'Girl' on both sides of the family so we were all so anxious for you to arrive! You were beautiful then and you're beautiful now. You make our family special. I love you and so does Daddy and Karson! Happy Birthday Taylor!

Taylor's Birthday with just her family!

Taylor wanted Taco Salad for her 'Birthday Dinner'
Karson became our official candle lighter!
We each decorated our own cake that evening. This was Taylor's mater piece she decorated by herself.
She got so excited over a long sleeved white plain shirt...She's so sweet!
Taylor finally got her dance mat. We get It hooked up and it's so hard I can't do it....So back to Toy-r-us it goes. I'll find her a better one that's a little easier.

Birthday Celebrations for Taylor!!

How terrible am I??? There was no way I was making a million birthday cakes this year for each party so I got donuts!!!! But boy oh boy were they tasty!!! The kids loved them!
Nana and Papa and Taylor
Dave got a shoulder replacement about a week ago and is dying all bound up for a total of 6 weeks!!! He's got a bunch of Staples where he was cut open! OUCH!!

Some of the party goers watch Taylor open her presents.

Taylor giving Uncle Trace a hug thanking him for the gift!

Wipe Out...

What a sad cute little face!
Taylor had a wipe out the other day on her bike. She was out riding with some friends and lost control. This was her 2nd wipe out of the day!

Flower Girls...

Taylor and little JoJo are the flower girls for Jason's brother Justin's wedding. We took them to the mall to try on the dresses that (soon to be) Aunt Courtney picked for them to wear in the wedding!

Grandma Hamilton

This is Jason's Grandma and Karson and Taylor's Grandma Great! Those are a bunch of her great grand kids. It's really cute...Karson and Taylor have 3 Grandma Greats that are still living today. When Taylor talks about Grandma Hamilton she refers to her as "The Gma Great that doesn't bite" Like all the others do bite???? It's so cute. It comes from a time when we were at Dave and Jo's and I said Taylor there's Gma Great and Taylor was being shy. (I know, Taylor...Shy????) Gma Great says "I won't bite ya!" So there ya go! That sticks in Taylor's head.


Karson was King of the Day a few weeks ago at school. He got to wear this crown I made for him and do special stuff at school. When I picked him up from school he took off his crown and handed it to me as he put his bike helmet on.
His crown was soft, warm and damp! He'd sweat in it all day! How funny is that!!!