Friday, August 8, 2008

A Baby Brett Day

Baby Brett was blessed on Sunday the 3rd of August. We are able to share this special day with them.
This is Brett's dad Jim Cooper and also our very good long time friend.
My cute family!! We all match and I didn't even plan it that way!
Don't we just look good with our new edition!!

Monday, August 4, 2008


Mike Ford has his work Lagoon Day last Friday. We didn't think we were going to be able to go but things worked out that we could be there. It was lots of fun to watch the kids get so excited. I'm not sure who was worse the little kids or the big kids Jason and Ray! Thanks Mike and Cathy for a fun day at Lagoon. I have always wanted to do this western dress up picture! So I dragged my family in to have it done. After we finished Taylor and I were changing and Taylor said okay Mom I did your picture now I want to do a "PRINCESS" picture! She's all girl!!!! Husdun, Brenner (both Nikki's sons) Karson and Taylor waiting for a ride. Jason, Brock (Ray's son), Ray, Hudsun and Nikki on the Wild Mouse. I later rode this ride with Hudsun. I swear to you I thought I was going to DIE!!! I closed my eyes the whole time and was sooooo afraid. Never again will I ever ride the Wild Mouse Karson and Taylor on a ride Grandma Ford and my two cuties on the train. Jason, Taylor and Karson Me and the kids Karson, Hudsun, Brenner and Grandma Ford on a ride. After Jason went on this one ride that blast you up on a tall tower then down quickly Karson ran to Jason hiding his face and feeling so concerned for his daddy. It was so sweet. Grandpa Ford and Little Miss enjoy some time at Lagoon. Taylor was so excited after she was so brave to ride a little ride she ran to tell me all about it. Taylor looking all calm and cool on the ride. Taylor and her side kick Hudsun ride some more rides together.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The annual Monticello 24th of July Celebration!

Every year we all pack up and head for Monticello for the 24th celebration. Since myself and the kids were already in Monticello Jason met us on Thursday for the weekend celebration along with my parents, Kristi, my 3 brothers and their families. We started a tradition last year by painting the kids hair for the parade. The kids were so excited to do it again. We also had the Butler reunion dinner at Uncle Randy's house (My Mom's brother) We sat around ate food and visited. My mom has 2 brothers Randy and Troy and a sister Pauline who came to the dinner with their spouses and some of their kids. My grandparents were also there. My grandma made her famous cookies that we all fight over. Janiece and I loaded up a plate of cookies and took them home. Shhhhhhh!!! Janiece said she'd hide them in her house so no one would eat them.......I never saw those cookies again. Grrrrrrrrr

We are getting ready for the parade Saturday morning.

Taylor and Sadie pushed their babies in the parade.

Little Sophie (Brian's Daughter) ready for the parade. She's such a doll!

Hailee Jane just as cute as can be! (Mike's Daughter)

Karson shows off his cool hair

Waiting for the parade to begin.

Taylor and Sadie with their babies. Taylor wanted a big ice cream for being in the parade! That was our deal if she'd do it and not be shy! Worked Great!!!

Taylor walking down the street in the parade

Mom and Grandpa (her dad) at the parade.

Grandma Great Butler and Taylor. Vince in the back ground thinking he's hot stuff! We all like to hear Grandma's stories because although she's quiet and soft spoken she's got SPUNK like you wouldn't believe. We love it when she tells someone off in her creative writing to the newspaper! I have copies of lots of the letters she's written. They are the best. Mixing a Butler and a Camberlango together created some strong attitude that's for sure! It's never a dull moment when were all together.

All the kids waiting for candy at the parade. Jason goes to help the little girls get some candy.

The fire truck was coming loud as can be. Taylor and Sadie cover their ears.

Chandler's (Janiece's son) baseball team "THE DODGERS" rode on the Fire Truck in the parade for taking 3rd in state baseball.

Grandpa Great Butler and Karson. Grandpa is the biggest tease you'll ever meet. He would tease us all the time growing up and still does. He introduced me to someone as his "smartest and orneriest granddaughter" then he gives a little chuckle. He's so cute. Then he takes Taylor's baby and pushes her in the stroller and says he's taking her home. (The baby once belonged to my Grandma but she gave it to Taylor a few years ago). Taylor just looked at him not really sure what to say! Grandpa is a cool creative man. He can make anything and has invented so much already. We love to see what kinds of things he can come up with!

Taylor showing off her new necklace, bracelet and earring

Week in Monticello

The kids and I went to Monticello for a week before the 24th of July celebration. We stayed at Janiece and Steve's house. We had a blast. The kids loved it they played and played all the time. Logan (Janiece's son) isn't use to having a little girl around the house. He would barricade his bedroom door to keep Taylor out. Taylor got a little sad because she wanted Logan to hold and kiss her baby. Logan wouldn't even sit by the baby. He wanted nothing to do with that and Taylor just couldn't understand why! It was so funny and so cute to see them interact.

Taylor riding home in the back of Steve's truck after taking the dogs up to the lake to swim. She loved Sam and Dodge (the dogs)

Taylor dressed up in some of Tyler's stuff. She's the cutest!

The 3 bad boys! Having a sleep over at Janiece's.

Janiece, Steve and Kayden. Karson calls them Mom and Dad. He love them so much.

Me and the kids up the mountain. So pretty there

Tyler and Taylor

Chandler, Kayden, Karson, Tyler and Logan all got in to swim cuz the dogs were swimming.

Colby with his dog Sam.

Tyler, Karson, Kayden and Logan pose for a pic!

Janiece, Taylor and me!