Thursday, November 20, 2008

Karson's 1st Grade Picture

Karson has really started to enjoy 1st grade. He's working so hard and doing so well in class. I love to see all the new things he learns each day. He amazes me how well he reads a new book or spells his spelling words. Karson a ball of joy and I wouldn't want him any other way.

Taylors Pre-School Picture

This is Taylor's last year of pre-school. She is doing so well. She's smart as can be and blows my mind at how well she can read already.


These are my good Friends Tausha and Amy. We went to go Ice Skating only to find out it was college night broom hockey. So we left and not wanting to go straight back home....We decided to take some pictures. The night ended up being a fun night even though we didn't get to ice skate!

As I got into Tausha's car I saw her white coat and said "Hey I have a white coat too" We laughed...No big deal. Then Amy walks out of her house in a white coat and we busted up laughing. So....No...The white coats were not planed but they sure were cute!!!

Justin and Courtney's Wedding

Justin and his cute wife were married on November 1st 2008.

Taylor was a flower girl along with little Jo

Karson looked perfect and so handsome! He was an usher with the other cousin's.
The wedding was nice. Jason was in Justin's line. He looked very handsome in his tux! Jason, Nikki and their dad David.
Now don't these two spring chickens just look handsome! Jason is looking more and more like his dad!

This is our baby! Well it's really Trace's grandson but I want him. We think he's a blast to have around!! Taylor's the best little mommy!!
The little princesses kissing uncle Justin.
Mr and Mrs Benson
Me and Mandy
Karson and Taylor
Justin and Courtney with all the little boys.
This is all of Jason's siblings together for a picture! I'm not even sure if we have a picture with the 4 of them together. I love this picture.

Jason and Justin
Karson asked me during the ceremony if he could give Courtney a kiss now that she's his Aunt. (Karson has a super big huge CRUSH on Courtney)
Jaylyn and Karson
My little pretty flower girl.
The wedding party
Jo, Justin, Courtney and David (Dave's wearing an arm brace because I messed him up during our last arm wrestle. Oops....I wasn't suppose to tell you that! Shhhhh
Jason and Manders

This is the funniest shirt I've seen and Justin wears it at the end of his wedding.

Oh the stories I could tell!!!!

This is a little random but this totally reminded Janiece and I about our childhood days! It's BRIAN reincarnated! Just kidding!!!! It's really Chandler posing for a joke we send Bri!


Halloween....What a busy day! I took Taylor to school then came back home and went straight over to Tausha's house to cut up potatoes and get ready for the Halloween snack party after school. Left there to run home get on my costume and head to the school where we were doing the 1st grade class party! It was so much fun! We played Bingo, read scary stories, made bracelets and grave yard pudding cups. Then went back over to Tausha's where we had about 50 people or so coming over for a quick snack before we headed out trick or treating. The get together turned out to be such a fun time! Then we left for trick-or-treating!!

(The orange witch)Amy's husband thought the guys at work might think he was a stud if he got his picture with us! So we humored him! I'm pretty sure it worked :) Or at least it was a good try! My good friends Amy and Tausha!!! Who have made my life here in Springville a lot more fun!!!

Brenner, Little Jo, Hudsun, Jordan, Tyson, Karson and Taylor before they head out trick-or-treating.

I hate to say it out loud but my kids are so dang cute it's almost ridiculous!!!

It's not Halloween unless we pop into Gma and Gpa great Benson's where they always welcome us with treats!!!!

This is our neighbor that was dressed up like Taylor so we of course had to have a Camera moment!

Mom is always so much fun on Halloween. I love that she dresses up each year and the kids love it to! Kristi's loves to dress up also. I look forward to our yearly pictures together in our costumes!

Sophie and me as witches! She's a doll I just love those eyes!
Taylor, Hailee and Sadie playing at Nannys on Halloween

Crystal and her freaky eyes!!! It was dang hard to even talk to here eye to eye!
Aunt Lid trick-or-treating with Bo, Sophie and Taylor!
Jason and I...Halloween Night!
Kristi and Jason
Karson loved this mask. He thought it was so funny!!!
Andrea and Cooper leaving the scary house up by my mom's.
We got Mom out of the house this year to go trick-or-treating! We were all really proud of her. :)