Saturday, June 21, 2008

They Take My Breath Away

I finally got new pictures done of the kids. I've been so bad it's been like 2 years. They are so adorable. I just love them so much. They are both so different and just complete our family! I can't get enough of them. When I see the pictures or look at them while they sleep I just ache to be a better more patient mother. (I'm sure most parents feel the same)

Karson age 6

Taylor age 4 (almost 5)

Sea World

Taylor played one of those claw games where you have to try and grab something using that stupid claw that always drop everything! Well, Taylor got this Elmo first try with NO help. She was so excited and ran to find her Daddy to show him what she won. Talk about a confidence booster for her! Then as we were leaving the park it must have dropped out of the stroller. Needless to say....She was a little sad.

Karson won this frog from a game that you have to hit a frog off of this spring board with a hammer....First try he nails it. He grinned from ear to ear. The other people around cheered for him and shook their heads cuz they had been trying and hadn't won anything!

Karson got to jump on a tramp with the bungee cords. He was doing all sorts of tricks

Sea World

We got to hold and feel Star Fish. I forget that they are so stiff I always think they will be mushy. Karson and Taylor thought that was way cool.

We watched a worker feed the penguins. Karson said "I wish I was one of those workers that feeds the penguins" He thought that was so cool that the lady was right there with all the penguins.

Jason, Karson and Taylor in a Bears Den!

Sea World

Karson and Taylor saw Elmo and Zoey (I think that's who it was) at Sea World! A trip isn't complete with out seeing Elmo!

We also got to feed the Sting Rays! If you've ever had the chance to do that you know what a strange and scary feeling that is. They suck the fish right out of your hand it's so powerful it feels like it might suck your hand into it's mouth but it doesn't it's just a little scary!

We went to a pet show where cats, dogs, pigs, ducks, and other things did tricks. It was funny and the kids loved it. They got to pet a few of the animals after the show.

Karson playing in the little water park area cooling off!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Sea World

This is the coolest tree I have ever seen in my lifetime! It's got so much life to it.

This is a hard picture to see but Taylor and Karson are in the spinning cups with Jason at Sea World. Jason was spinning them so fast and Taylor was laughing her head off. He did it for a few minutes then all the sudden you see Taylor turn white and her face expressions change. She was sick sick sick! Poor girl.

Karson and me on a flying ride. Karson was so excited to take me because he thought it would scare me! I of course played along. It was fun.

I love Dolphins! I wanted to cry! They are so beautiful and smart and fun! I just couldn't get enough of them. Jason and the kids loved them too. We all fed the Dolphins and pet them. I love the way they feel. They are absolutely incredible

Sea World

Shamu was totally awesome! We loved watching the whales.

Taylor just stared at these people who were just dressed up to come hang out at Sea World. They asked if she wanted to take a picture with them. She said "YES" I was way surprised she is usually to shy for that!

Flamingos, Karson and Taylor. I love Flamingo's they are so pretty. My sister Janiece got poked in the eye by one of these birds when she was little! Scary!
We all went up on a sky tour of Sea World. It was really pretty there.

Jason & Me pose for Karson to take our picture. Taylor looks wiped out by she's hiding from the camera.

Sea World

Jason, Karson, Taylor and I went to Sea World after the Benson Reunion/Vacation ended. It was an awesome place. I have not been there since I was young. It's changed a lot (or I just didn't remember it being that way).
We got to feed the Sea Lions and were warned about the aggressive and brave birds around us. We were instructed to keep our fish covered at all times and quickly feed the Sea Lions so the birds don't steal the fish.

We were all feeding the Sea Lions. Karson and Taylor were both doing really good to get the fish to the Sea Lions quickly.

When all the sudden a bird swooped down from no where and stole the fish right from Karson's hand. The bird bite Karson pinkie in the process. Karson screamed so loud and it scared the crap out of him. It was sad and really funny!

Crown Plaza, San Diego Calif.

We left Disneyland and headed to San Diego and stayed at the Crown Plaza Hotel. It was really nice and the grounds were beautiful. So of course I made everyone stop to take pictures!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Karson just chillin after lunch at Disneyland

Jason took this of Taylor while they were driving the cars

Tyson, Jordan and Karson ride Thunder Mountain together by them selves. They thought they were so grown up.

The Benson Clan! Only missing Jason's brother and nephew

The kids watching the a program at Disneyland


Taylor got scared on so many rides. It really scares her if the ride drops her belly so we were very limited on the rides that she would go on. Taylor and I rode this ride and she loved it.

This little boy with Karson is named "Robin". Karson met him in line waiting for a ride. They were so funny together. Robin just loved Karson. After the ride his parents came up and asked if Karson could take a picture with Robin!

Jason took Taylor on the Tea Cups ride. She loved it!

Karson and Papa rode the Dumbo ride. The kids wanted to go on this ride so bad and the line was like 35 minutes but they toughed it out!!!

Taylor and Nana Benson rode the Dumbo ride also. Taylor loved this ride.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Disney Princesses

While we were in California Adventure Park we saw 5 of the Disney Princesses. Taylor and her cousin JoJo were so excited to see the "REAL" Princesses. Taylor said to me when she saw Ariel Mommy she is so beautiful!

Snow White


Sleeping Beauty