Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Splish Slpash Taylor's taking a bath

Taylor taking a bubble bath. This is where she stayed for 1 hour! Needless to say she was a little prune!

Littlest Pet Shop

Some of the neighbor girls came over to play with Taylor. It was such a nice day I wanted them to play outside so they brought out the 'Littlest Pet Shop' and we laid out the rug and set up a table and the girls played together for a while. They are all just so sweet and cute. I love that Taylor has so many cute girls so close by!

Birthday Party

Mike and Cathy had a little party for Taylor at their house. The cake was so cute!

Hugs and Kisses
WOW, Do these two look alike in this picture or what! So cute I absolutely love it!

Thanks JB and Charity for coming down even though your kids were gone!
Taylor blows out the candles!

Karson plays Taylor's new guitar. He's so excited that they can play a rock band together now!

Another Party for the Princess

Nikki's family came over to see Taylor for her Birthday since they were going to the circus and would miss her party. The kids hung out and played.
Taylor and Hudsun played the dance mat! Hudsun kicked my trash on the dance mat...I will be rematching him soon!
Karson and Brenner drive Karson's truck!
Kristi stops by to bring me some stuff and ends up staying to watch Taylor blow out her candles!

Pamper Day!

Taylor's cousin Megan came to take her on a day of pampering. They met Aunt Julie and had a great time getting finger nails and toe nails painted. Thanks for taking so many pictures! Taylor had a great time!