Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Kidos

I really don't like to blog much anymore! I need to get my book made to inspire me. It takes lots of time to post and I have no idea if anyone even looks at it! Which really doesn't matter becasue I'm doing it to keep a picture journal of activities we do. I'm going to try a little harder to keep it up dated. I still have all of Feb. and March to do! Is it worth it???? I love my kids! They are the best!

Mall Time Fun...

We met my friends and their families at the mall for lunch. The kids love to ride those silly rides at take .50 for about 1 minute or less of ride time! You can blow through some quarters there in no time!!

Little Miss Taylor

Taylor loves my sun glasses! She won't wear hers they have to be mine. She looks so grown up in them. Isn't she just cute! I love you Taylor!!!

Cat in the hat

Karson had a character day at school. They had to take their favorite book and dress the part. Karson took Cat in the Hat and dressed like him! The hat was a little thrown together at the last minute but then that's me. I couldn't prepare for it that would be way to easy! Only took me about 3 hours into the night! UGH!

Princess Kinzie & Princess Taylor

Before my friend Tausha moved. Taylor and her little girl Kinzie had a play date! They dressed up in dress up clothes and made up songs and dances to show me. Little girls and dress ups! I love it! I totally wish I was little again.

Taylor, Sky & Sadie

Taylor just loves baby Sky! She can't get enough of her and Crystal is always so good to let Taylor hold baby Sky. Sky is getting so big so fast. She's such a sweet little baby!

Taylor and Sadie played dress ups one day at our house! They have such attitude!

Calssic Roller Skating

Our big night at Classic! My old stomping grounds! I love the roller skating rink. I use to love to go there as a kid. I love that my kids love it. We went with my 2 good friends Amy and Tausha and their families. Good times!!

My girlfriends and I
Our husbands...Aren't they cute!

Jason and the Kids

Jason and Taylor at McDonald's having a little special time together!

Karson was out practicing his bow with Jason the other day and he over shot his target making a tiny hole in our vinyl fence! Oh brother! I knew when Santa brought that bow it was going to be trouble!