Thursday, September 4, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Mom and Dad,
I hope your anniversary was fabulous. I love you both so much and I'm so thankful for the wonderful childhood memories you're truly amazing. My family and I hold you both in the highest respect. Karson and Taylor think you hung the moon! They love you so much. Thanks for taking time with them. It means a lot to me and I know it means the world to them.
Love Always,

My favorite picture of the two of you!

Hobble Creek Canyon

We went up Hobble Creek Canyon just for fun. We walked around on the trails and had a good time together.

We walked across the Beaver Dam to the other side. As we walked Jason noticed all these baggies everywhere filled with white power. We tripped out a little on it. We have no clue what it was but they were everywhere. We saw this cow pie on the ground with the white powder all over it. Karson says "Mom that looks like you and Nanny's brownie's" We sprinkle them with powder sugar! So of course I said I've gotta have a picture that is definitely blog worthy

We brought Karson's BB gun up to let him shoot. He's so dang cute with it. He wanted to shoot a cow and a wasps nest and a fish and and and....I can't wait til he can go Deer hunting with Jason. He'll be the best little hunter ever!

Squash and Dogs what a combo!

Karson and Grandpa Ford eating some yummy squash. Mike loves it that Karson loves his squash.
Ya think Taylor needs a Dog??????? She sure shares her Dad's love for animals. As you can see she's in the dogs bed! That's love right there. Love the lip! Taylor was mad cuz the dog wouldn't sit by her!

Commander Karson and Sargent Jason

Jason and his buddy Karson play army guys. They get quit the set up going! Karson looks forward to this time and loves to play with Jason.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Jason's Fishing Trip to Flaming Gorge with his nephew Holden and both his Dad's David and Mike. They stayed in Manila with Mike's brother Brent. Brent and the guy, Joe whose house they stayed in for the weekend would take them out on the boats for early morning fishing. Then they'd come home and bottle the fish...Yes I said bottle the fish. It looks just like it sounds...sick! But the love it and so do my kids! I'm glad Jason gets to go on those 'fun' trips. He deserves a break from working so hard and from me! hehe Jason you're wonderful and I love you so much! Some of Jason's Salmon
Jason's Dad Dave in that hot looking Camo!
Holden (nephew) is off to College with a partial scholarship to play basketball! How awesome is that! He just towers over Jason and Becky (Jason's cousin). Mike was the picture taker of the trip so unfortunately there is no pictures of him.