Friday, January 16, 2009

Christmas gingerbread house and cookies!!

Great Gma Benson made the kids sugar cookie dough and gingerbread dough They cut out cookies shapes, baked and decorated them! I ate some very special cookies that were piled up with sprinkles and frosting! yummy!!

Nana Benson gave Karson and Taylor a gingerbread house to decorate. We love family activities!!!


Karson and Taylor are playing with the neighbor boy (who has no snow gear on and it was freezing) They went over to sled down his hills and they chose the driveway!

As you can see...It didn't work to well. Karson went head first into the snow bank.

Nap Time???

Who's sleeping???? Yes, that would be Jason! It's Sunday and he has to have his usual Sunday naps!!! It's hard to be the MAN isn't it!!!
Karson and Taylor with their cousins Brenner and Hudsun.

Baby Sky...

Vince and Crystals baby is here. She's darling, We just love her to death. Sadie said to baby Sky while we were at the hospital "Wake up baby sky and say HELLLLOOOO big sister" It was funny!!! Congratulation Vince and Crystal!

Jumping Jacks

Taylor was invited to a birthday party from one of her pre-school friends. Jason, Karson and I stayed so Karson could play while Taylor was at the party. We went to Jumping Jacks in Springville. The kids had tons of fun!!! So did I...Those big slides are FAST!!!

Jason and Karson

Taylor's friends from pre-school!