Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kayden's Baptism

Yeah Kristi for bring a camera....I don't know what my problem is??? I always have my camera! Kayden was baptized this month. All my family except Bri's family was able to go down for the baptism. The wind was blowing so bad that night our hair was all over the place!! This was the only pictures that hair isn't covering someones face.

Kristi, Logan and Taylor
Hailee and Taylor
Colby and Kristi
Cooper and Chandler
And he sleeps....Tyler!
Karson and Hailee

Janiece got the grade schools popcorn machine! That was the hit of the trip! We all loved that! Janiece's poor house had popcorn everywhere! I'm sure she was glad to take that back to the school! Cooper and Logan dig in!

Kayden and Logan
Kayden was dancing with Taylor! He's so sweet!

Jason was trying his hardest to braid Kristi's hair!
He did a pretty good job!

Mike and Vince constantly bugging each other or someone else!!!

Sadie sits on me to play!

Taylor's Birthday

I just got the pictures from Taylor's birthday party with my side of the family. I'd forgot to bring my camera!!! Plus my camera stopped taking pictures so it's in the repair shop and I'm going through blogger withdrawals!!! So I just may start blogging old stuff !!!

We have so many birthdays that fall in the last part of the year that so many kids were getting birthday presents and Sadie was feeling a little left out since her birthday is in May!! Her Daddy gave her some money. She comes to show me and I started playing 'That's mine' game with her. She got do mad she punched me!!! It was the funniest thing ever!! She's such a little fire cracker!

I love that all the boys are playing Dominos and the girls are playing school!