Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Family Night

I'm not sure how this happened but I don't have one pictures of Jason. I promise he was there. We changed Family Night this week to Tuesday due to Jason's services were needed on Monday night by a neighbor who was moving. Me and my big babies! :( They are getting so big so fast. I can barley stand it.
The kids decorated their own pizzas and topped them with whatever they wanted to. We all had fun doing this. Karson and Taylor took their time to make the perfect pizza.

After dinner we played games. Karson and Taylor started to wrestle. Taylor was laughing so hard. Karson's so cute with her. He try's to be gentle with her.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

School Lunch...

I went to lunch at Karson's school with Amy and Tausha (Friends) and our kids that aren't in school. Karson was so excited to have us there. He introduced me to his Friends. I was so excited that he was excited. I thought he might be a little embarrassed.
Karson's Lunch....Can you say sugar rush???? That's of course Strawberry Milk to the side.
All our kids...Kinzie, Wes, Karson, Taylor, Kooper, Brooke. They are all so dang cute.
Our First Graders! Kinzie (Tausha's daughter), Wes (Amy's son), and of course my wonderful cute child...Karson

Polly Pockets...

We have some new neighbor's that moved into the house next door. They have two girls that are I think 5 on 3. Perfect for Taylor and sweet sweet little girls. They love to play Polly Pockets out on the front sidewalk Bet you can guess who lined all the dolls up????..........She takes after her Daddy, that's for sure!

I couldn't help but take pictures of them!

Labor Day at Riverside

Our tradition each year on Labor Day is to go to the Riverside's Carnival Day. It's was hailing so bad that morning we thought we'd be weathered out but luck for us the weather changed and we were able to go.

On our way to Riverside.

Sadie showed up and was wearing the same jacket as Taylor. Good old Children's Place! They were so excited.
Jason took Karson to get his face painted. I had no idea they were doing that. This was Karson pirate face! Princess Hailee's cute face!
Karson climbing the rock wall. He got about 3/4 the way up and looked down to the ground and just dropped. He said man that dropped my belly when I looked down.
Taylor, Sophie and Sadie play the duck game to win a prize.
Karson and Cooper riding the swings.
'Big Bad Bo' after his dad 'Big Bad Bri'
Sweet little Sophie riding the swings. Love the side bow on her!
I found this on my camera. I'm pretty sure Vince took it of himself! At least it was just this, sometimes we find some pretty interesting things on our camera's.

Thanks Dad and Mom for a fun filled day!