Thursday, August 28, 2008

Four Generations of "Benson Boys"

We celebrated Grandpa Benson's 80th birthday!
This is David (Jason's Dad) Ken (Jason's Grandpa), Jason and Karson. Four Generations of Benson Boys
Grandpa Benson with lots of his great grandkids!
Jason with his Grandpa
I love this picture of Karson giving his Grandpa Great a big Birthday Hug. Jason, Holden (Jason's nephew), Grandpa Benson, David (Jason's Dad) and Justin (Jason's brother).
This is Jason's grandparents (Ken and Joann)and Jason's parents (David and Jo).
Thanks for taking such awesome pictures Jo! I hate it when I forget my camera!


Jo Benson said...

Hello Kids:
We are truly lucky to have people like Grandpa and Grandma in our lives, they are the best. Thank you for putting them in your blog. We never take enough picture of them with the kids.

Jason & Steph Benson said...

I agree, they are wonderful people and I am really happy mine and Jason's kids are able to know them. Grandparents and Great Grandparents are the best.